Request For Intel: Is There One Goddamn Place In This City Where You Can Still Drink Coffee And Smoke Cigarettes?

No? Really?

In the midst of a lazy Sunday 1990s reverie yesterday, it hit us: Thanks to a local smoking ban and the generalized casting-out of smokers that has been happening globally for at least a decade now, it may well be that there is no place in town that is not a private residence where one can do pretty much the only thing so many of us did in the 1990s — drink coffee and smoke cigarettes. Now, yes, we know, health and staying alive and the rest of it, but do you mean to tell me that we’re about to be a city with two casinos but not a single coffee shop or diner where one can smoke one’s head off and get jangled on coffee while reading/writing/talking? Not one? And how has no enterprising young coffee entrepreneur found a loophole to capitalize on this? Please, Philebrity readers: Enlighten us.

11 Responses to “Request For Intel: Is There One Goddamn Place In This City Where You Can Still Drink Coffee And Smoke Cigarettes?”

  1. Lance Ducotte Says:

    outdoor seating and parks don’t count, right?

  2. Sarah Bryson Banh Says:

    This is pretty much all I’ve wanted to do lately.

  3. PlaidArmour Says:

    Its 2013. Not 1993. How can you hate on some of these politicians and townies for being “old school” but somehow an unhealthy habit should be accepted on terms of lousy nostalgia.

  4. bruhinb Says:

    In your car, outside Wawa in Mt. Airy.

  5. social smoker Says:

    Step 1: buy a smoking (euphemism “neighborhood”) bar;
    Step 2: buy a coffee machine;
    Step 3: spread checked table cloth; invite iggy pop and tom waits.

  6. philebrity Says:

    I hear the long whine of recent history you’re laying down here, really I do. But what I am saying is CAN’T THERE BE ONE PLACE LEFT? Just for historical reference, even?

  7. Jayfar Says:

    Not for long, I’m sure, if we follow NYC’s example of banning smoking in public parks.

  8. philebrity Says:

    This has Bonnie’s Capistrano written all over it.

  9. Michael McGettigan Says:

    Grace Tavern and La Colombe held out for a while.. but because they became the ONLY places where you (er, one) could smoke, it became such a concentrated practice that you would open the door and a chunk of smoke would tumble out and turn your shoelaces yellow before it was possible to even spot a table to hemorrhage at.
    Perhaps if a Steven Starr-like figure
    did it, he could afford a venting system to stave off staff lawsuits and etc.

  10. Chuck Says:

    You could go to Green Eggs or B2 and get your coffee and then go to Bonnie’s and buy a beer you won’t drink. Does McGlinchey’s not serve coffee? They’ve already got the booths. (Also, Bonnie’s was on the market there for a while after Bonnie died. I guess you missed your chance.)

  11. Kamile Ko Says:

    It is hard to find such a place, for that reason you can always buy coffee machine for your house, and enjoy coffee as much as you want, together with cigarete. Not far away I bought this type of coffee machine- kavos
    aparatai namams
    and I am so happy about this choice !

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