PSA: White House Releases Sequester Fact Sheet For PA

More likely than not, this whole sequester thing will go into effect this Friday, due mostly to ‘Merica’s penchant for electing xenophobic and unsophisticated manbabies into office. And while, yes, the sequester and everything to do with it is quite possibly the most un-sexy story out there in the national media right now, its effects could/probably will be widespread, depressing, totally fucking needless and stupid, discouraging on the whole, and may even inspire you to leave the country and marry the first foreigner you see who does not mace you. To hammer it all home how completely fucked this all is, the White House has released a fact sheet for each state in the union that itemizes the myriad ways in which the sequestration will tell the world that America simply cannot get shit done anymore. Here is the one for PA, and here is the one for NJ. It’s great news for people who hate schools, public safety, the outdoors and edible food. Yeesh.

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