Right Now In The People’s Republic Of Comcast: Pay In Advance And Get Your Gun Ads Elsewhere

ussrcastFresh off of their moves to take full ownership of NBCUniversal, Comcast is making some other changes, starting with some burner internet. According to CBS3, Comcast is beginning to offer prepaid internet service for those with bad credit, no credit, or what have you. The Xfinity Internet Prepaid Service gives you a week of surfing for $15, or a month for $45. The connection is a bit slow, of course, because they can’t give you that high quality shit without a contract.

And Comcast giveth, Comast taketh away: Comcast has announced that “it would no longer accept gun advertisements,” technically. According to MSN Money, “The ban by Comcast only applies to commercial time sold by Comcast Spotlight, the advertising-sales division of Comcast Cable that sells local spots on national cable channels.” In addition, “advertisements on networks such as The Sportsman Channel, which feature programs about hunting and shooting, and Outdoor Channel, which The Sportsman Channel’s corporate parent is in the process of buying, are not covered by the policy.” That makes sense. There are whole channels that have gun-related programming, so sure, gun ads. But, and we may be a little confused here, are there places where they advertise guns during commercial breaks on other channels? Like, you’re just sitting at home enjoying White Collar or Suits or whatever the hell you people watch, and there’s just gun commercials? In the middle of Franklin and Bash? That can’t happen.

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