Jayson Musson Has Got A Billboard #1, Kind Of

This week, after Billboard decided to include YouTube views in their formula for ranking the Hot 100, Baauer‘s “Harlem Shake” has taken the #1 spot. Thought the song isn’t really played on radio, and the YouTube hits it accumulates have more to do with people dancing for about 30 seconds than the song itself, it racked up millions of hits and took the #1 spot thanks to Billboard’s new system. So why is this worth mentioning? Not only is Baauer himself an original Philadelphian (born Harry Rodrigues in West Philly 23 years ago), and not only was the song released on Diplo‘s Mad Decent Label, but the near-sole vocal part heard on the song is a sample of Jayson Musson aka Hennessey Youngman from Plastic Little‘s “Miller Time.” Musson said that he wasn’t asked permission for the sample, but he’s totally cool with it, and with that he adds roundabout #1 spot holder to his already-stacked resume of artist, internet art critic, and man who makes magic out of Cosby sweaters.

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  1. Steve Cisowski Says:

    Wikipedia says he was born in the UK and grew up in Connecticut? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baauer

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