Update: City’s “Don’t Be An Asshole” Campaign Gets Even Sassier Still!

Coming soon: A follow-up campaign to be placed next to all of these posters that simply says, “OH SNAP.”

We’ve been following the City of Philadelphia’s new “Ride-Right Walk-Right Drive-Right” ad campaign with great interest for about a week now, as it quite frankly speaks to us in the only language our addled, distracted minds can understand: A dicky, sarcastic whine. Today, the Mayor’s Office issued a press release revealing even more pieces of the campaign, coming to a bus shelter or public transit vehicle near you (see above). He also tried to say what we just said, only nicer:

“While traffic fatalities are near historic lows and accidents involving cyclists have been halved in last decade, still every four hours a pedestrian is hit by car in Philadelphia,” said Mayor Nutter. “The economic cost of traffic accidents in Philadelphia exceeds $1 billion a year. The personal costs of traffic tragedies are incalculable. This campaign has some Philly attitude that I hope will engage everyone who sees an ad.”

Engage thi— I mean, er, well said, old chap!

2 Responses to “Update: City’s “Don’t Be An Asshole” Campaign Gets Even Sassier Still!”

  1. PlaidArmour Says:

    Shouldn’t these ads be in Spanish too?

  2. Chuck Says:

    Yeah, but then the mistranslation of the “Philly attitude” would probably cost the city millions in anti-defamation lawsuits.

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