U.S. Olympic Committee Texts Philadelphia, Asks “You Up (For Hosting The 2024 Olympics)?”

usotThe U.S. Olympic Committee has sent out letters to 35 Mayors in 35 U.S. cities saying, “Hey, what are you guys up to in 2024? Wanna work on something together?” According to CBS3, the USOC is just gauging interest from U.S. cities to see who would be interested for a possible bid, so they can start working on it. We learned previously, around the time of last year’s London games, of the fairly Winklevossian panel at the USOC’s meeting with Philadelphia officials to talk about the city possibly hosting the 2016 games. The vibe was that the meeting was almost a courtesy, and the USOC never really considered Philadelphia as a serious contender.

And now this? Mixed signals guys. Oh, also, on the USOC’s website, there’s this little gem:

The USOC doesn’t have to decide anything right now. The International Olympic Committee’s deadline for applying isn’t until 2015; the 2020 vote isn’t until 2017. More to the point, the IOC vote for 2020 is this September, and that gives the USOC time enough to graciously let the good people in Indianapolis, Baltimore, Rochester, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Austin, Dallas, Houston, Seattle, Columbus and more down gently.”

Putting us in the same breath as Rochester? Letting us down gently? Too late USOC. Sneakily asking if we want the 2024 Olympics just so we feel good about ourselves and then “letting us down gently” doesn’t work if you tell us about it on your website. Dick move guys, dick move.

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  1. Chuck Moore Says:

    Let us down gently?! Let us down motherfuckin’ gently?! We didn’t wanna go out with that ugly ‘ho, anyway!

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