This May Explain How It Is That The Philadelphia Gay News Still Gets Published

Something we never hear, not even from the very gayest of our friends: “So I was reading this article in the Philadelphia Gay News…” As local media watchers, we have difficulty remembering the time when the PGN was a relevant source of anything besides a through-the-looking-glass to the strange political fiefdom of Mark Segal, the paper’s publisher; and apparently, for two local gay citizen journalists, it’s even more difficult. In recent weeks, both Josh Kruger and Christopher Sawyer‘s Philadelinquency blog have been following a paper trail that might explain just how, in an age where both community newspapers and alt-weeklies (PGN would fall somewhere between both, we suppose) are having profound difficulties staying afloat, PGN stays in print, growing irrelevancy and Segal’s fading empire be damned.

After a truly impressive level of digging by Kruger, one theory is now floated: Through a strange series of only-in-Philadelphia political maneuvers, could it be that the PGN is drawing untold public dollars through the Sheriff’s Office via some kind of shady deal to publish Sheriff’s Sale listings that, it’s safe to say, no one is going to PGN looking for? As conspiracy theories go, it’s a doozy, for sure. But, the way Kruger is connecting the dots, there could be something to it. Likewise, Philadelinquency is in the process of trying to follow a similar paper trail. What could come of it? Hard to say right now, but one thing is for sure: You probably won’t be reading about it in the PGN.

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