This Evening: Alt Shift

>>> “Alt-country” is a thing most people stopped saying a while ago because the term had been fairly ruined by the beer-bellied, faux-twang male equivalent of Suicide Girls, and though the term clearly did have to go, what of the people left behind, making beautiful music that once would have been called that? Alas, they currently have no musical hole to be thrown in, and maybe that’s a good thing. We got to hear to hear a sneak preview of the new one by The Bailey Hounds over the weekend, and God damn if it didn’t sound like that high-voiced fellow from Beachwood Sparks up and got Crazy Horse to back him. The above track hints at that vibe a little, but nowhere near as much as the band will drop the hint today, at 6:30PM, at an early, free in-store at Art In The Age.
>>> And Happy Birthday, Heyward Howkins.

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