Dept. Of Meaningless Lists: Philly Vs. Pittsburgh Is Not A Thing, And Your Silly Reasoning Will Not Make It So

onward stateToday, Onward State (the State College blog that will always and forever be remembered for this) threw their hat into a rivalry that really only exists in hockey and the minds of people who went to Penn State: Which city is better, Pittsburgh or Philadelphia?

Using the point/counterpoint method of having one list each of why each city is better, Onward State simultaneously made extremely weak arguments for both sides. For some reason, sandwiches and stadiums featured on both lists; the pro-Pitt post threw their weight behind PNC Park being “the best in baseball,” and the pro-Philly listing brings up the NYT‘s new favorite topic. Yes, Philly and Pitt are both in Pennsylvania, but the state in-between bears no resemblance to either area, and if Philly really needed some beef, we’ve got closer fish to fry (Pittsburgh is roughly the same distance from Philly as Boston is, and we don’t even think of those fools).

The Pittsburgh and Philly posts’ #1 ranked reasons are a link to a Businessweek article and a YouTube video of a Flyers clip, respectively. It’s all pretty weak. But one commentor points out a real debate, saying “Rusted Root is from Pittsburgh and just as good as the Roots in their unique style of music.” Discuss.

  • Lance Ducotte

    leave it to college kids to advocate for fucking rusted root

  • ChrissMari

    college kids still listen to rusted root? that shit was old when I was in college eons ago.