Captain Freeshit: Win A Pair Of Passes To An Advanced Screening Of The Sweeney Monday Night At Ritz Five!

It can be a bit difficult to remember — when films like A Good Day To Die Hard come out — that the action movie isn’t exclusively American. Directors have tried for years to make the big, loud, stupid, nonsensical action film solely a product of these United States, and have in some cases succeeded, but we don’t have a monopoly on car chases, shoot outs, and heel turns. And it is with this in mind that we have The Sweeney, which does what many American action films don’t; it adds bank robberies, executions, and old school coppers doing things the old school way (it’s based off a 1970s TV show after all) which makes the suits unhappy with an actual plot.

All that said, it’s not exactly groundbreaking stuff, but it all sounds better when half the cast are full-on cockneys. Plus, Ray Winstone will always be more believable as a cop (and a physical human being) than the monster-of-a-man that is Dwayne Johnson. No one looks like that. But anyway, what were we saying? Oh yeah, there’s a pre-screening of The Sweeney at the RItz Five on Monday night at 7:30PM, and we want you to go. To enter to win tickets, email ihopeiwin[at]philebrity[dot]com with “Oi, mate!” in the subject header. You’ll automatically be subscribed to the forthcoming new Philebrity Reader weekly newsletter and win chances for other exclusive free stuff.

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