Bill Cosby Pops Up In (Sadly) Philly-Heavy PBS Special On Gun Violence

cosThose of you who caught the “After Newtown” suite of programming last night on PBS will have noticed: Philly was all over After Newtown: Guns in America. There were the givens, of course, like Commissioner Charles Ramsey, who is quickly becoming one of the most vocal gun control speakers in the country, as well as some footage of the Philly P.D. training grounds up in Northeast Philadelphia. But to see Bill Cosby there was a surprise, as was his stance on and story with handguns over the years: Cosby recalled his days from I-Spy, when he packed a weapon in real life as well, the awakening that led him to disavow guns, only to have his son, Ennis, die by one years later. It was affecting testimony in an evening chock full of it.

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