Right Now In The People’s Republic Of Comcast: The “Future” Of “Awesome”

ussrcastWe know, we know: Some of your best friends are Comcast employees. In the Glass Dong alone, every day, there are a significant number of fingers in the dyke against Phily’s Brain Drain — there are people working up in that tower whose jobs, were Kabletown® not so invested in Philadelphia, simply would not exist here otherwise. But know this: Kabletown® might be your employer, or your friend’s employer; Kabletown® might be your Internet or cable provider of choice; Kabletown® might even underwrite that thing you like. But Kabletown® is not your friend. As we speak, the soul of Comcast — to the extent that it has one, to the extent that it could — is out raising money for the re-election of Tom Corbett. Corbett, who has fracked his way through an old-boy-ish first term in the most tone-deaf fashion possible, whose first run through the Governor’s office may one day even be revealed by history to contain some actual criminal activity but who, Comcast is betting, is a shoe-in for a second term.

You can’t blame Comcast for rolling like this, really. They’re not a person. They don’t have a soul. And they know that, in the old-boy world they very much inhabit, supporting Corbett now can generally be interpreted as having less difficulty later. But if we are to take Xfinity at their slogan’s face value, well, there are problems. Because this is not the future. And it is most assuredly not awesome.

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  1. Jayfar Says:

    Just to be totally pedantic, the correct term is shoo-in (not shoe-in), unless you are implying that the Governor is a foot fetishist. Come to think of it he has been known to lick the boots of frackers.

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