Readers Write: Let The AVI Neighbor-On-Neighbor Hatred Begin

Oh dear: We had a feeling this might happen.

Re: Auntie Anne’s on South Street:

Around the corner from us. 411-413 South Street. Their taxes are going down from ~$9,000 to ~$3,900. Maybe the bastards will use the windfall to pay for commercial trash collection instead of just throwing it on the sidewalk, but I doubt it.

As the AVI bomb continues to detonate around the city, we knew it wouldn’t be long until you all started using the handy AVI-related web tools out there the same way you use Google: To track people and things you cannot stand. That Auntie Anne’s is especially egregious, but dare any of us look up Geno’s?

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  1. Eric Preisendanz Says:

    ‘Wiz wit 108% increase in property taxes. It’s the small victories.

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