You Can Try To Make Sense Of AVI With This App, But It Won’t Make You Feel Any Better


The mailing notices for the changes coming via AVI, a.k.a. Actual Value Initiative a.k.a the thing driving everyone nuts, went out on Friday, and we found out that about 60% of property owners will see higher taxes. And to make the whole process a bit easier (but not any less headache-inducing), the city has released the API of the AVI data and a web app to see how AVI effects you.

According to Technically Philly, “Using the web app, users can see the existing real estate assessments of any property in the city, in addition to the updated assessments for 2014, which will soon be taxed on an average millage rate between 1.2 and 1.4 percent, depending on ongoing legislation.” In addition, AxisPhilly’s app visualizes the data in a clickable map of the city, where you can see which areas were effected the most. And while you’re checking out your property, and the area near it filled in with red, feel free to curse yourself for not renting.

[Image via Technically Philly]

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