Philly Bike Coalition And Spring Garden Civic Association To Vote On New Bike Lane Proposal

In the dark slog of February, only the greenest, beardiest hipsters (and some folks peddling through their DUI suspensions) are seen tooling around town on bikes. But with the Phightins taking ground balls in Clearwater and the sun sticking around ’til almost 6pm, it’s not unreasonable to visualize yourself basking in the moderate temps, leaning into the corners and flipping off oblivious motorists.

The Spring Garden Civic Association is just such a forward looking organization and to that end, this Wednesday they will be holding a meeting and a vote on some new bike lane proposals.

If you live within the catchment area of Spring Garden or Franvisville, you can participate in a vote. Even if you don’t, both meetings are open to the public and we encourage you to attend to demonstrate community support. Charles Carmalt (the City’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator) and the Bicycle Coalition will present before the Spring Garden Civic Association. We are scheduled to present after Council President Darrell Clarke, who will be speaking about the proposed casino, AVI, crime cameras, and more.”

The meeting is Wednesday, February 20th, 7pm at St. Andrews Lithuanian Church Hall, 19th & Wallace Street. Also, there’s wine and cheese at 6pm, so you’re a fool to not arrive early.

3 Responses to “Philly Bike Coalition And Spring Garden Civic Association To Vote On New Bike Lane Proposal”

  1. Michael McGettigan Says:

    Please don’t reflexively lump onto the page stuff like:


    This is akin to that “America’s love affair with the car lives on…” jazz (except sales are down nationwide) , or saying that “elementary school was locked down…” (which ignores that elementary schools are physically different from jails)… or “Americans back our troops in Whatchamistan…” (till they’re back here and homeless) –i.e., just another thought-free (or at least thought-lite) repetition of a threadbare conventional wisdom.

    TONS of people of all stripes ride bikes year-round, and with a five-freakin-100 percent increase in bike traffic on the South St. Bridge alone, it’s hardly hipsters. Not to pick too much on your defenseless lede graf, but it’s Not That Hard to Ride a Bike in Winter, esp. when there are bike lanes and Plans B and C are wait for the bus till your ears fall off, or drive the car and park midway between home and your destination.

    Riding a bike isn’t exactly beardy–as several score women cyclists will tell you. Being green isn’t the main, er, driver, for urban cyclists. For all we know, some of our customers may actual wish for climate change and just ride bikes because bikes are the just the best way to get around without static.

    We click on Philebrity not just for relentlessly accurate listings and unusually empathetic music notes, but also for phrasemaking that reflects the reality in effect now and perhaps even five minutes from now; you must agree that the above lede somehow slipped through the rigorous vetting that so many netizens have come to expect at this particular I.P. address.

    Most Sincerely,
    — Michael McGettigan / managing director, Trophy Bikes North

  2. Michael McGettigan Says:

    Oh, dang… not only did my comment have a typo, it missed “peddling…” which should be “pedaling…” ah, well. Chagrin–that infinitely renewable resource!

  3. Matt Says:

    I agree with Michael. It’s one of those “bad apples” that ruins it fr the rest of us. I own a car but live 2 miles from work. Let’s see: Pay $16 a day to park. Walk in 30 minutes. or be to work in 10 minutes on my bike. And while hipster bashing sure does have it’s time and place this is not one of them. If you ride your bike at all in this city, or just open your eyes, you’d see that peope of all types are utilizing this bike friendly city.

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