New Jersey Top Ten Beach Contest On Hold, Replaced With Photo Contest

Since 2008, New Jersey’s Top 10 Beaches Survey has given shore partisans the opportunity to vote for their favorite beach. The 2013 winners in categories such as Family Vacation, Day Trip and Ecotourism were to be announced at the start of the beach season. But since Superstorm Sandy sent the fireworks hailing over Little Eden that last week in October, a summer of “friendly beachtown rivalry” has been redesignated as a time to celebrate “everything there is to love about the Jersey Shore”.

Between February 20 and March 22, we invite you to share your favorite Jersey Shore memories and submit your most memorable Shore photos to the Making More Shore Memories photo contest. Twenty-four phenomenal photos will be selected by a panel of judges and, between April 1 and April 28, we’ll ask site visitors to vote for their favorites. The top 12 vote getters will be included in the 2013-14 New Jersey’s Top Ten Beaches: Making More Shore Memories calendar, along with selected memories and musings about what makes the Jersey Shore so special.

Not calling this temporary rebranding “Hands across the Sand” is a squandered opportunity for sure, but a bigger waste would be to not comb through that shoebox full of pre-digi prints in your closet. If found, We fully intend to submit that picture of ourselves and Michelle whatsherface, lobster-red, decked out in our Zack Morris Jams and Vans, Her with the claw and us going for the Huey look. Wildwood nights baby. Here is where you can submit and vote

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