Philadelphia’s First All Rap Spectacular Featured Whodini, Some Others At The Spectrum In 1986


Hot on the heels of LL Cool J‘s lackluster, 15-second long tribute to MCA at this year’s Grammy Awards, we present you with this show poster that’s been floating around online for a while. On July 5th of 1986, the Spectrum was a packed house (Whodini‘s Wikipedia page says 18,000 freaks came out that night) for a performance by Run DMC and three artists whose careers were in their infancy: LL Cool J, Beastie Boys, and Whodini. Was it as spectacular as it promised? We can’t know, but we’d bet about 16,000 of those 18,000 people left that show wanting to be the next big MC. And that’s a successful gig.

  • kg

    Man, I was at that. I think it was called the “Fresh Festival”. My spoiled friend had his birthday party there… in a catered luxury box. Fresh, we weren’t.