Mayor’s Office Of Transportation Takes Out Ads For Common Sense

bus chase
The lesson? Don’t grab on to the back of a bus and allow yourself to be dragged. The more you know.

Remember when the city painted a texting lane on the sidewalk as an April Fools joke but were like, “guys, this is a joke with a message”? Well the Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities (or MOTU) has unveiled a new series of ads that will be going on busses and bus shelters around the city that is once again a little-jokey-but-totally-serious-you-guys. The Ride-Right Walk-Right Drive-Right campaign is aimed at making bikers, drivers, pedestrians, and other living humans think more about safety and precaution while going about their day. There’s the ad above (which, no duh), one that simply reads “SLOWWWW DOWWNNN,” one reminding us that Stop signs are a law and not a suggestion, and one telling us that cars have bumpers but people do not.

It’s all very basic safety stuff, but you never know how many people out there think they have bumpers on their legs and they don’t. So, this is for them.

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