Dept. Of We Want One Of These Right Now: The East Falls-Invented Pocket Piano

Firstly, nice punmanship Newsworks. Secondly, Holy Shit we want one of those. The pocket piano you see one half of Chiddy Bang using above, which can be bought here. It was invented in East Falls by Critter & Guitari (also known as Owen Osborn and Chris Kucinski), who have been making instruments together for 15 years. They’ve created guitar shaped synths, the Kaleidoloop (which records sounds and allows you to manipulate them), and of course the pocket piano, which we would like at least a half-dozen of.

As Noah Beresin said to Newsworks, “We live in an age where 99 percent of music are made by four software programs. People do entire records on midi programming — put vocals on top and it’s done. The things that make recordings sound great are not cold, midi-calculated synths. It’s weird bits of audio that you can’t control. Things that have less knobs.” And the pocket piano, with its different modes and octaves, allows you to take those sounds you would usually make in a computer program with a mouse, and make them on a real instrument, with real buttons, creating real sounds on the fly. Which is always cooler than sitting in front of a computer screen assembling songs note by note in a program.

2 Responses to “Dept. Of We Want One Of These Right Now: The East Falls-Invented Pocket Piano”

  1. jc Says:

    Neat. And then Man Man appears. Super!

  2. JKriner Says:

    This is really cool! Just bought one – excited to get it.

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