South Philadelphia Man Reminds Us What Is, And What Is Not, Punk

We’re going to go out on a limb and say that most of you do not care about the local music group called Pissed Jeans, save for that small minority of you who have a vested interest in the band due to indie-rock identity politics and/or just really, really like the sound of white guys who have nothing to scream about… screaming. We are sure that, as last week’s City Paper cover story attested, they are fine, upstanding people, but what we’re more thankful for is the above letter: Written in response to that story — which captures the indie-rock wing of The Soft Bigotry Of Low Expectations perhaps more than any other piece of writing in recent memory — one Billy Barton of South Philadelphia sent the above letter to City Paper. He wrote it. On a piece of paper. And then sent it to them. It contains truths that any of us who ever had any philosophical or real-life interest in “punk” will be happy to be reminded of. God bless you, Billy Barton, and long may you run.

9 Responses to “South Philadelphia Man Reminds Us What Is, And What Is Not, Punk”

  1. Ewan Cameron Says:


  2. Ross Necro Says:

    SPP, represent.

  3. Eric Hansen Says:

    F*ck yea Billy. Glad someone spoke up on this.

  4. thesestreets Says:

    looks like I don’t know philly punk

  5. Kevin Minutes Says:


  6. NorthPhilly Says:

    I like how he signed it with “south philly” as if that brings him some
    sort of tough guy credibility. Too bad south philly is no longer punk, so many
    yuppies nowadays. Time to wake up!

  7. Leslie Jeffries Says:

    You people are on an online message board of something called “Philebrity”, arguing about what is or isn’t punk. I don’t have anything else to say, just wanted to point that out. Morons.

  8. philebrity Says:

    Real talk: I am the most punk person on this comment thread. Not bragging, just wanted to get it on the record.

  9. thesestreets Says:

    will we be seeing a handwritten letter sent to morgan’s pier this summer…?

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