Rumblings: A Change Is Gonna Come

penns landing?

>>> Alan Butkovitz has long-criticized the city’s Actual Value Initiative (AVI) plan, and according to him, people in gentrified Philly neighborhoods will get “slammed” when the new property-tax system comes into play next year. The largest increases will come to people in Northern Liberties, Washington Square West, Germantown, Fitler Square, and Graduate Hospital. And Butkovitz’s analysis is based off of a rate increase which he believes is much lower than the one the city will actually adopt. There are bills on the table to help out the people who will be hit the hardest, but without them, about 60 percent of residents will likely see higher taxes. [Daily News]

>>> City Councilman Darrell Clarke would like to increase revenue without increasing taxes by allowing the city put place advertisements on city-owned property, like rec centers and garbage trucks. Because if the way our brain works has taught us anything, associating the smell of a trash truck with whatever is advertised on the side of it will definitely bring in business for that company. Yep, definitely. [CBS 3]

>>> That eight acre park that would stretch over the top of I-95 and Columbus Blvd. (which we wholeheartedly support) wouldn’t actually be that hard to build. It would be hard to fund. [Plan Philly]

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