Reminder: Spend Your Lovers’ Day With Us At Underground Arts, In Our First Annual Valentine’s Day Special

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY, PHILADELPHIA! Join us tonight at Underground Arts for our first-ever Valentine’s Variety Show, followed by THE CITY’S PREMIERE DESTINATION FOR MIDDLE-SCHOOL STYLE SLOW DANCING!

We know that depending on what kind of person you are — and your significant other-having status — Valentine’s Day can be either a dream come true or a waking nightmare. But we’re here to try to change that. Whether you’re together or alone, we want you to come hang out with us at the first annual Valentine’s Day Special, co-presented by BITBY.

There will be tons of music, including some fast-and-slow jams from Katie Frank and the Pheremones (above), a love-themed variety show, good old O.G. slow jams spun by DJ Langor (Middle School slow-dancing strongly encouraged), and a whole bunch more. Please join us, and spread the love.

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