Kathleen Kane Says Corbett’s Lottery Deal Is Illegal, Continues Mission To Make His Life Miserable

corbettThat’s why we elected her isn’t it: After running a very successful campaign based on investigating Tom Corbett‘s handling of the Jerry Sandusky case (and in general just keeping him in check), Kathleen Kane has begun her assault. First, she appointed an investigator to dig deeper into what Corbett knew when allegations against Jerry Sandusky first arose (at the time, Corbett was Attorney General). And now, Kane is taking aim at Corbett’s lottery deal.

According to Bloomberg, Kane says Corbett’s lottery deal with Camelot Global Services, which would allow them to run PA’s lottery system (they also run Britain’s) is in violation of the state constitution, since a deal of that sort requires legislative approval. Kane said Corbett’s office “exceeded its authority” in signing off on the deal, and she isn’t having any of that. In our minds, Kathleen Kane is Dikembe Mutombo, swatting every shot Corbett tries to throw up, and we’re totally okay with that. Plus, you just can’t outsource this.

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