You Can Donate Your Old Musical Instruments, Because You’ll Probably Never Be Paul Westerberg

groundswellFor every person out there playing in a band, trying to just have some fun (or even make their dreams come true) there are a dozen or so who haven’t pulled that guitar out of their closet in years. They keep telling themselves that they’ll pull it out and start writing songs again; they’ve got so many great ideas. But still it sits. Letting go is hard, but now, if you can bring yourself to do it, you can help out some kids.

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance, with their new grassroots campaign GroundSwell, are accepting donated musical instruments for kids in the Philadelphia and Chester-Upland school districts. In a partnership with Musicopia, who runs the Gift of Music program, the Cultural Alliance is running a musical intrument drive until February 28th. That guitar you bought but barely played? You can give it to a school’s music program. That bass that you broke a string on once and never restrung? You can donate it. Those drums that are stacked in your basement that were never set up? You get it.

As Nancy DeLucia, the Director of Policy and Community Engagement at the Cultural Alliance said, “If you have a saxophone that is just gathering dust on a shelf, wouldn’t you rather put it in the hands of the next Coltrane?” Because let’s face it, at this point, the next Coltrane just isn’t you.

You can drop off donated instruments at the Cultural Alliance offices (1315 Walnut Street, Suite 732) from 9AM to 5PM during the week, and all instruments will be distributed to students by Musicopia. More information is available here.

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  1. City rat Says:

    It’s time to let your dreams die, hipsters.

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