Rumblings: In The Courts

courts>>> These are the ambassadors of our city: A woman is suing Delilah’s for $50,000, claiming she fell from an apparatus of theirs and severed her thumb while she was practicing for a “G-string competition.” The contest could have brought her a $10,000 prize, but she’s suing for the $50k for “pain and suffering, disfigurement, humiliation and embarrassment,” thought we’d have to argue that the last two could have been her own doing. [NY Daily News]

>>> A woman is suing Lehigh University in Bethlehem for $1.3 million, saying she got a C+ in a class where she needed a B and it cost her an entire career’s worth of earnings. Oh, she was also attending the school for free and after receiving the poor grade demanded her professor give her a written apology and a “plan to compensate” her financially. She was probably a dream to have in class. [McCall]

>>> And in more reasonable and sane legal news, the Pennsylvania State Senate has unanimously approved a plan to abolish the city’s Traffic Court. According to two bills that are being sent to the House, the plan is to “eliminate Traffic Court in all but name only, transferring its functions to Municipal Court,” and to “allow for an amendment to the state constitution to formally eliminate it.” [CBS3]

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