PHL Could Be The Philadelphia’s Brand, Not Just A TV Channel No One Watches


Everything needs a good logo. We say this not only as a blog that often covers groups and city agencies who seem to be without them, but as people who realize branding and image is important. And while the city of Philadelphia doesn’t quite have an actual logo for the city, per se, we think this new one for the Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau could do just fine.

Based on a strategy by ex;it, and designed by J2 Design Partnership (both local groups), the PHL branding was made to “guide the PCVB on how to differentiate its identity and establish a compelling presence in the community.” According to ex;it, “The PCVB should feel like it IS Philadelphia and create a new level of visual excitement about the city and region. All communication materials will take their lead from the brand architecture and language to reinforce the culture, quality and spirit of the organization … PCVB’s new logo and communication tools reflect the current and future state of the organization’s beliefs, culture and capabilities.”

On first look, the lack of a stem in the P threw us off, but in the right context (like the image above, or a few of the many samples shown here), it really works. Maybe it’s a little too financial institution-y, but if we say so ourselves — all biases aside, we think — we like this a lot better than NYC’s current logo.

Commentors (of course) over at Brand New are a bit torn on the logo, with some saying they love the simplicity, some design-nerding about the issues they have with it, and some saying things like “Ben Franklin. Rocky. Cheese steak. Liberty Bell. Brotherly love. Just a few of the one hundred things I associate with Philadelphia before PHL.” But that’s why it works. PHL is a new brand, while also being intrinsically tied to the city. For outsiders and for ourselves, we don’t need any more cheese steak, Liberty Bell, or Brotherly Love imagery (and we sure as shit don’t need Rocky all up in our branding). Or maybe we should just have Ben Franklin sitting on Rocky’s shoulders while Rocky punches the Liberty Bell and Ben eats a cheese steak.

3 Responses to “PHL Could Be The Philadelphia’s Brand, Not Just A TV Channel No One Watches”

  1. locustst Says:

    fair enough, but per the convention center’s contract with the carpenters’ union, if you use the logo without hiring a union guy to handle your web design a digital rat pops up on your screen.

  2. Mike Kaiser Says:

    Can someone please make that logo you described in the last sentence?

  3. Jim Adair Says:

    Art friends, get on it

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