Casino Pitches At The Convention Center: The Bad, The Bad, And The Ugly

Those are the wealthy white men who will decide which wealthy white man gets to run a casino. We think we spot Randolph Duke in there.

Starting earlier this morning, a group of people representing the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board began hearing pitches for the second casino license that will be given to a proposal set in Philadelphia. In the pitches, we learned of the plan for the Live! Hotel & Casino, from the people behind Parx. Their goal is to put a casino down by the ballparks and Xfinity Live!, which would certainly pull the douche quotient away from Xfinity and likely increase the number of people scalping tickets outside of games so they can play just a few more slots.

Market8, which we told you about the other day, reportedly billed themselves as the “home team,” and promised their casino would have reflective skin, because nothing will draw someone into a building more than a reflection of what the other side of 8th and Market looks like. The Market8 team also stressed that their project would be an entertainment center that “happens to have a casino,” making them at least the second group to try to downplay the gaming portion.

The PGCB is currently on their lunch break, but when they return they’ll hear a pitch for another stadium complex casino (this one at 300 Packer Ave.), Steve Wynn’s proposal, and a headlining set from Bart Blatstein’s Provence. It’s a Battle Royale, winner take all (of our money and hope and happiness) showdown, and you can livestream the remaining proposals here. Or, if video is not your thing, follow Tom MacDonald’s twitter feed for in-depth coverage.

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