And Now, Today’s GOOD NEWS: PA General Assembly Forms The PA Legislative Arts & Culture Caucus

cultural alliancwWe know how it works. This city is becoming more and more known for its abundance of arts and culture, but when budget time comes, it’s snip, snip, snip. With that in mind, the Pennsylvania General Assembly has established the Pennsylvania Legislative Arts & Culture Caucus, with support from the Pennsylvania Arts & Culture Coalition (which includes the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance).

The caucus, which will feature Sen. Jay Costa (D, Allegheny County), Sen. Patrick Browne (R, Northampton/Lehigh), Rep. Stan Saylor (R, York County) and Rep. Tim Briggs (D, Montgomery County) in leadership roles, will:

>>> Support caucus members in their efforts to draft and pass legislation that advances arts and culture in the Commonwealth,
>>> Provide analysis on pending legislation,
>>> Provide caucus members and their staffs with periodic briefings on pertinent issues confronting and relating to the Commonwealth’s arts and culture infrastructure,
>>> Develop issue specific talking points and press materials for caucus members to use in public and with the media, and
>>> Provide research, education, policy development, and other support on arts and culture to the members of the General Assembly.”

The caucus already has support from tons of local elected officials, and really, it’s good to have these people on the side of the arts.

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