Here Is Your Guide To (Almost) Everything That Was Filmed Here In The Last Year

>>> Above is the trailer for Dead Man Down, that Colin Farrell/WWE Studios production that filmed around town a little while back. As you can tell from the modified subway map and the numerous shots of the NYC skyline, the movie is not set in Philadelphia, although a solid chunk of it was filmed here. Dead Man Down comes out in March.

>>> Rob Zombie was in town last week doing some extra research for his upcoming Broad Street Bullies biopic.

>>> The Delco-filmed Silver Linings Playbook has been racking up award after award in the lead up to the Oscars, where it is nominated eight times.

>>> After a colossally unimpressive two episode run, Do No Harm has been cancelled. Felicia Rashad deserved better.

>>> And in other “things that were filmed or set here” release news:

· M. Night Shyamalan‘s Will and Jaden Smith-starring After Earth comes out June 7th
· The Philly-set/Glasgow-filmed World War Z will hit theaters June 21st
· And Paranoia, the film that brought Gary Oldman, Harrison Ford, and Mr. Miley Cyrus to Philadelphia is set for a September 27th initial release

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  1. Drew Brown Says:

    You left out the USA series Political Animals

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