Today’s Snowstorm, Or: Shit Just Got Real

stormSo, this storm (which some are calling “Nemo,” but we are not some and you shouldn’t be either) is coming. We’re getting wind. We’re getting rain. We’re getting snow. But how much?

There are a few different predictions floating around out there, but our go-to is always Philly Weather — they’ve rarely led us astray. So what are they saying?

Locally, the storm will develop just as it reaches our area. It’s going to be a big, sudden, rapid intensification and it will lead to a significant thump of snow [this] evening across portions of the region.”

Yeah, it’s gonna be a mess, but that sounds much worse than the accumulation predictions do. According to Philly Weather, we’re looking at somewhere between three and six inches of snow at the airport, less than six in Delco, and as you go north, the totals rise. North Jersey is looking at anywhere between seven and twenty inches, and Southern New England is effectively shut-down. So stay warm, stay safe, and if you see that groundhog, tell him he’s an asshole.

You can keep up with Philly Weather’s updates over here.

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