WHYY’s Tom MacDonald Totally (Didn’t) Cause The Super Bowl Blackout

Imagine for a second you are WHYY‘s Tom MacDonald. You’re in the Super Dome during the Super Bowl, just outside the 49ers locker room, and you have to plug some things in. So, you plug the equipment you need for some remote broadcasting into an extension cord. Then you power the equipment on. Then half the lights in the arena go out. You get that “oh shit” look on your face, and a cold chill goes down your spine when you realize what it’s like to be Steve Urkel, as you think to yourself, “Did I do that?” But of course this was just a coincidence. We now know, of course, that the blackout was really caused by a BeyoncĂ©-led Illuminati conspiracy. Duh.

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  1. Hot Mess Says:

    Look at that crazy Tom MacDonald Indian Style!!!

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