Together, Let Us Dream Of A High-Speed Rail Future That Will Not Be

rail map

Some among us (namely we here at the Philebs and good ol’ Joe “Senator Amtrak” Biden) think high speed rail travel is pretty damn cool. We mean, sitting inside a 220-MPH silver bullet (another one of Biden’s favorites) and getting to some faraway destinations in a matter of hours? What’s not cool about that? The map above — a dream of a high-speed rail future that will likely never come — brings together proposed and rumored plans from Amtrak, The Transport Politic, Wikimedia Commons, Florida High Speed Rail, SkyscraperPage Forums, Southern High Speed Rail, Southeast High Speed Rail, Ohio Department of Transportation, California High Speed Rail Authority, Midwest High Speed Rail Association, US DOT Federal Railroad Administration, Texas High Speed Rail and Transportation Corp. Now do you see why we say it will never look like that?

But still, look at it. The map, which was created by First Cultural Industries and is available as a poster, puts Philadelphia only a quick ride away from Chicago, Atlanta, New Orleans, (and in much, much longer rides) Los Angeles and Seattle. Maybe it’s just our fascination with a cross-country rail system, or First Mate Jim’s crippling fear of plane travel, but we’re putting our names down to make it happen.

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  1. Chuck Says:

    Let’s hope they can take some baby steps first, like getting the Acela between Philly and NY under an hour.

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