Philadelphia2035 Asks You To Build Philadelphia’s Future With A Game

Philadelphia2035: The Game from Community PlanIt on Vimeo.

Okay, let’s be honest here, the “game” is more like a giant survey. But it has got missions and goals and boss battles (so we’ve been informed) and you can use your coins you earn in the game to fund real community projects. So that’s cool, right?

Philadelphia2035, the game described above, is a project of Community PlanIt (which it itself a project of Emerson College), funded by the Knight Foundation and sponsored by the City of Philadelphia. The game is described as a “local engagement game designed to make community-planning fun.” Does it? WHO KNOWS? But the cool part is that throughout the game, you can pledge the coins you earn to causes, and the top three causes with the most coins will receive funding in real life. On top of that, the answers you give and the comments you make during the game become available to planners and developers when it comes time to put these projects in motion.

You can play the game from anywhere and make an impact without ever having to attend a zoning or planning meeting, which requires putting pants on. Playing the game does not.

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