Mohegan Sun Emerges As Partner In Market East Casino Project, Or: The Inquirer‘s Got Some Bad Casino Mojo

market east

Switch out that Swooash Drink sign for a Mohegan Sun one, and we’re in business.

The date is approaching for all of those casino proposals to be presented, and the Market East Associates proposal just got a whole lot more interesting: Today it was announced that Mohegan Gaming Advisors (the people behind Mohegan Sun) have partnered with Market East Associates to “operate the gaming/entertainment portion of the urban entertainment center to be developed on the block of East Market Street between 8th and 9th Streets.”

The project, previously known as the very bland Casino Philadelphia, is know known as the very strange MARKET8. This marks the second proposal of the six in the running to have ties to the Inquirer. Bart Blatstein‘s proposal features an entertainment/gaming/shopping complex in the old Inquirer Building, while MARKET8 would basically be breathing down the Inky’s neck at 8th and Market (or would the Inky then have to move again? But they just finished unpacking!). The full pitch will be presented February 12th and the Convention Center, and a decision regarding the license isn’t expected for at least a few months. We’ll be waiting with bated nervous-laughter-filled-with-dread until then.

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