Dept. Of Meaningless (Yet Accurate) Lists: If You Drive The Highways At Peak Time, You Waste Two Full Days Every Year

i76ersAnyone who has ever driven on the highways in this city — we’re looking at you, 76 — knows that traffic is a fact of life. We didn’t really need a list to tell us that, but we got one anyway: According to the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, Philadelphia has the 9th highest traffic congestion in the United States. The nation’s capitol tops the list, and other cities ranking in front of Philly include LA, San Fran, NYC, Chicago, and more. But that’s the simple stuff.

The real info comes when TTI breaks down the statistics, including these fun facts about the study’s year, 2011:

>>> Philly’s highways feature five full hours of congested rush-hour type traffic every day
>>> The freeway planning time, a measure of how much extra time you need to allow for your trip at peak times, is 3.46. Meaning if a no-traffic trip takes you 20 minutes, you’d need to allow nearly 70 minutes at peak traffic time.
>>> And the people who travel during Philadelphia’s peak times on a daily basis spend a full 48 hours yearly in traffic delays

You can dive into the full statistics here, but it may give you out-of-car road rage (also know as RAGE).

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