Then There Was The Time That Seth Williams Put Mark Zuckerberg On Blast

And another thing: What the fuck is going on with my Timeline?

In the future, when none of us use Facebook any longer, there will be those moments we remember, along the road, when you clearly just had to throw your arms up in the air and say, “Yeah, this is bullshit, this thing has been completely taken over by a swarm of mouth-breathers and criminals and social vermin and, hey, maybe I’ll go back to MySpace?”

Allow us to humbly submit one such moment: The time Freddy Henriquez decided it was cool to witness-intimidate on Facebook and it took D.A. Seth Williams writing to Mark Zuckerberg to get any of the shit taken down. 22-year-old Henriquez (part of the “RRR” crew, if that means anything to you, and God help you if it does) is up on a gun charge and decided to use his FB page for things such as advocating the killing of snitches, posting a witness’s statement to police on his case, and posting photos of himself in the familiar blam-blam position, which is for cheap hoods what the ducklips-selfie is for young ladies from Delco. Williams was in fact able to get some of the stuff taken down, but not in time for us to start wondering if we’ve had enough and maybe it’s time to go Instagram-only.

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