PhillyNORML, Hack Comedians Bond For Weed Peace

This much we believe: That within our lifetimes, it shall come to pass in the United States that: A) eventually, anyone will be able to marry anyone else, so long as they are humans and past the age of consent, and B) marijuana will be decriminalized completely (and likely regulated and sold over the counter). This is genie-in-a-bottle stuff, folks, and that genie has been out for a while now; what remains for these things to come to pass are activists not letting up the pressure, and legislators who are pragmatic and not dogmatic.

But that doesn’t mean that there wont be some goofy shit along the way. In the inbox this morning: A press release from Philly NORML, announcing that their Smoke Down Prohibition protest/event will be making a command performance this Saturday, February 9th, at Independence Hall. For this event as well as future ones, PhillyNORML will be partnering with local comedy troupe/podcasters The Panic Hour, whom you may remember from this year’s cringeworthy 9/11 Fringe Festival extravaganza. (We also had to ban these guys from our Facebook page when they started insulting women there.)

Now, PhillyNORML has a point, and it’s a good one: Marijuana prohibition in this country is ridiculous and fundamentally wrong on many levels. Since their last protest in Philly in December, they claim, more than 500 people have been arrested here on marijuana possession charges, clogging up the justice system and ruining lives. To that end, you have to admire the tenacity of the wingnuts in The Panic Hour when they say, “We are coming back to Independence Hall this Saturday, and every month, until marijuana becomes legal and all the senseless arrests from marijuana prohibition end in our state.” On the other hand: This promo ain’t helping anybody.

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  1. Philly Norml Says:

    Thanks for the coverage, facebook event link here :

  2. poe Says:

    lol.we were never insulting women. we were insulting yer shitty site!


  3. philebrity Says:

    Riiiiiiiiiiiight. Our shitty site, which you read obsessively, troll relentlessly and consistently lobby for press.

  4. poe Says:

    cops need crooks..thanks and come blaze with us!

  5. poe Says:

    unblock us and grow up then!

  6. philebrity Says:

    What? You fuckin’ cornballs are lucky enough to be commenting on borrowed time here, much less FB.

  7. poe Says:

    fair enough. steves the corny one

  8. La Inteligentsia Says:

    If the Panic Hour is so wack then why are you always promoting their shit? Do your self a favor, take a safety break, smoke a fatty, and maybe you won’t be such up tight hatin’ hipsters.

  9. La Inteligentsia Says:

    Cornballs? LOL. I guess it takes one to know one.

  10. yupyupyup Says:

    I don’t care about this site, but I just checked out your podcast and read your posts here and honestly you just seem like whiney fail-troll hipster faggots who think they’re more interesting and less predictable than they are.

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