Get Married On Valentine’s Day … At The Piazza … With Tons Of Other People

mmpDepending on who you are (and likely your romantic situation) you probably think one of two things: Either Valentine’s Day is a day to show your love and affection for the ones you love, or it’s a bullshit piece of greeting card nonsense that can die a slow painful death. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between. But those on the lovey-dovey side of the fence can share their love as much as they want this Valentine’s Day by getting married at the Piazza … in a group wedding … for $100.

The group wedding, organized by Marry Me Philadelphia, takes place at 8PM on the big day at Emmanuelle Craft Cocktail Bar in the Piazza, because what is more romantic than a whole bunch of people getting married at the Piazza on the cheap? You can register here, or even just show up as a spectator — we’d watch for flying bouquets though, it could be dangerous. We’ll be here, welcoming the happy and curmudgeonly alike.

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