Noontime Nuggetz: Let’s Do The Time-Lapse Again

Time Lapse: Philadelphia from Angelo Leotta on Vimeo.

You know, we here at the Philebs are suckers for a good time-lapse. We’ve seen construction, some clean up, art, running, and more construction. And what does today’s time-lapse bring us? A day in the life of Philadelphia. And it really makes us long for sunny, warmer days, when gathering in Love Park and browsing the Italian Market won’t send you home shivering. For now, this video will just have to do.

One Response to “Noontime Nuggetz: Let’s Do The Time-Lapse Again”

  1. Zach F. Says:

    Pretty cool video. Except it makes it seem like traffic on 76 actually moves. Would’ve been amazing if they just totally slowed down all the shots of that highway.

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