UPDATE: Last Night’s Super Bowl Was The Highest Rated Locally Since The Eagles Were In It

super bowlAs if more people really needed to watch CBS: Last night’s local broadcast of the Super Bowl on CBS3 brought the affiliate its best rating for the big game since 2005, when the Eagles threw up all over the field and lost to New England. People who tuned into last night’s game were witness to (in order) the Ravens manhandling the 49ers, a Destiny’s Child semi-reunion where BeyoncĂ© almost immediately put her former band mates in their place, a fun blackout, the 49ers making a fantastic comeback, and then a cop-out “we’ll just take the safety” ending that is the definition of anti-climactic. It was fairly eventful.

But why the strong local ratings? The participation (and subsequent MVP-ing) of Audubon, NJ’s hoagiemouth hero Joe Flacco certainly helped. The game pulled in 1.4 million local households, which is half what the debut of Do No Harm got nationally. One of those things is good and one is not.

UPDATE: Here’s a fun little fact for the Eagles fans out there: For the fourth consecutive year, the team whole played the Eagles in their home opener went on to win the Super Bowl.

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