Kathleen Kane Names Ex-Prosecutor As Head Of Investigation Into Corbett’s Investigation Of Sandusky, Corbett Sweats A Single Bead

corbettGoing forward with her campaign promise of diving head first into Gov. Tom Corbett‘s investigation of Jerry Sandusky and its shortcomings (either intentional or not), Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane has appointed former federal prosecutor H. Geoffrey Moulton Jr. as a special deputy in charge of overseeing her office’s inquiry. According to MyFoxPhilly, “Moulton spent eight years as a prosecutor in the Philadelphia-based federal courts. He also served in senior positions in the federal government in Washington.”

The goal is to find out whether politics played a role in Corbett’s failure to appropriately investigate claims about Jerry Sandusky’s sexual abuse while Corbett was Attorney General. There is little dispute in the minds on many Pennsylvanians that Corbett bungled the investigation, but Moulton’s gotta find out of it was done on purpose or not. And considering the way we know Tommy Boy does business as the Gov, our money is on the “intentionally bungled” result.

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