And Now, Here Are Some Pictures From Our First Friday In-Store With Nothing

nothingshow_philebrity_indirajimenez_02 (800x533)

After we closed up shop for the weekend on Friday, we moved our desks out of the way, welcomed in a packed-house of friends, and let Nothing loose. The result? A loud, fast, thrilling set that literally shook all of the dust off the walls. Did we mention it was LOUD? Hop after the jump to see some more images of the show, and keep your eyes here for our announcement of next month’s First Friday in-store, presented along with AKA Music.

nothingshow_philebrity_indirajimenez_07 (800x533)

nothingshow_philebrity_indirajimenez_08 (533x800)

nothingshow_philebrity_indirajimenez_01 (800x533)

nothingshow_philebrity_indirajimenez_03 (800x533)

nothingshow_philebrity_indirajimenez_04 (800x533)

nothingshow_philebrity_indirajimenez_05 (800x533)

nothingshow_philebrity_indirajimenez_06 (533x800)

[Photos by Indira Jimenez]

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