We Didn’t Watch Do No Harm And Neither Did You

We mentioned earlier in our post about the finale of 30 Rock that we didn’t watch Do No Harm last night, even though it’s set in Philly, because it just looked too bad to sit through. We also asked if you guys watched it, but don’t lie, we know you didn’t. How do we know that? Because no one did. According to the AV Club, Do No Harm premiered to the “lowest numbers ever for a scripted series premiere on one of the Big Four networks.” Yikes.

5 Responses to “We Didn’t Watch Do No Harm And Neither Did You”

  1. Erin W Says:

    I sat in the same room as my TV that was playing the show. That’s close, right? Anyway, only watched to see if my building was in it, since they filmed on my street. The premise seems a little thin, despite being based on classic horror. The source of conflict is too well known, and they’re not showing a real sign of doing anything new with it.

  2. R D Burlingame Says:

    It was awful. Best part was the Nick Waterhouse song in the background of that club.

    To be fair though, the story of Wells’ classic is pretty thin as well and relies more on latent symbolism to give the reader some kicks…

  3. NateFried Says:

    I watched it online to see how they portray Philly.was no wrist than any of the other prime time TV dramas.just happy to see Philly on the screen!

  4. Julie_the_T Says:

    Sorry to nitpick – I think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde was Robert Louis Stevenson, right? But yes, terrible, terrible show, and no reward for having exhaust-belching trailers lining my neighborhood for weeks on end.

  5. R D Burlingame Says:

    AGH! Very right indeed. Silly oversight on my part. Edward Bellamy is better than them both though so whatever.

    Either way — the spine is thin on that one. Only fun when using 20th c readings…

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