This Weekend: It Takes Two



>>> Friends, come join us where we’re sitting right now (at AKA Music, way in the back) for an in-store with the awesome, loud shoegaze of Nothing.
>>> Taking a break from his usual duties as a bandleader, Philebrity award nominee, and pizza artist, DJ Langor will be bringing you all the jams you want to hear at the Dandy Dungeon at Fishtown Tavern. He promises to spin some “psychesmellica,” “chug-rock,” “blow pop,” and more, but he had us at chug-rock.
>>> Punjabi performer and vocalist Bikram Singh will be performing at the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s Art After 5 Bollywood Party. It’s free after museum admission and always a good time.
>>> Or, if you’ve got soul, head over to Barbarella for 25 Miles feat. Gregg Foreman of Cat Power/Delta 72. There’s no cover, and don’t forget your dancin’ shoes.


>>> This year’s edition of the Two-Piece Fest is going down over at UPenn’s Pi Lam, and features the likes of Slutever, Pattern is Movement, and more bands that do more with two people than most can with more.
>>> Or for bands with more members, head over to Vox Populi for Spacin’, Columboid, L.U.N.A.R. Revolt, and Needle Points.
>>> Or, if future sounds are more your thing, check out Saturday Snacks at Voyeur with special guest Daniel Avery. You can sample some of the sounds (and read tons and tons of praise) over at the event page.


>>> There’s something big going on, but we can’t for the life of us remember what it is. Some kind of competition? A huge TV event? AH! WE REMEMBER NOW! The Puppy Bowl hits the air at 3PM, and if you’re watching anything else you’re stupid.
>>> Also, there’s some football game going on. A lot of bars have events happening, but you can also just find out which one of your friends has the biggest TV and show up at their house. Doesn’t matter if you were invited or not, it’s expected.

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