Film Sweat: (Un)Dead And Loving It

RECOMMENDED: Well, it was bound to happen sometime, and we’re shocked it took this long, but please welcome Warm Bodies, our first wide-release zombie rom-com. The promos for the film, from Jonathan Levine (50/50), make it look like the kind of half-assed genre-mashing retread that we’re used to seeing hit screens and fail spectacularly both critically and commercially, but … critics liked it? We don’t know what to believe anymore. We won’t be seeing it, but it’s not like your other options this week are any good.

ALSO NEW IN THEATERS: Bullet To The Head, which simultaneously answers the questions “Is Sylvester Stallone still impossibly leathery?” and “Who is paying Christian Slater to be in movies these days?,” and Stand Up Guys, which features Al Pacino, Christopher Walken, and Alan Arkin in a Fisher Stevens-directed crime-comedy, and was the source of this photo.

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