Corbett’s Son-In-Law Busted In FBI Sting, Totally Ruining The Gov’s Friday

corbettTGIF, right Tom Corbett? Undoubtedly hoping his PLCB announcement would be the big Gov-related story of the week, the Aging White Man was this close to the weekend. He had planned his normal Friday morning routine: A nice breakfast with an extra piece of bacon (because hey, it’s Friday), a short getting-ready-for-work montage soundtracked by “Working for the Weekend,” etc. But he wasn’t able to do any of that, because he’s a bit bummed out since his son-in-law was caught stealing money in an FBI sting.

Gerald Gibson, a 17-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department, was the target of an FBI sting after “Several cops suspected that [Gibson] was stealing money and clothing from targeted drug homes as far back as last spring.” Gibson is married to Tommmy Boy’s daughter, though ABC reports that they’ve been separated for a while, which leads us to believe that upon hearing the news, Corbett let out an exasperated “Ugh, this guy.”

Barbara Laker, who totally owns the corrupt cop beat, tells us, “Investigators had planted money in several spots inside the car, which also was equipped for surveillance. The cash was marked with a chemical that glows in the dark but cannot be seen by the naked eye in daylight. And when investigators took Gibson in for questioning, they put him in a room and turned out the lights, a source said. ‘He lit up like a Christmas tree,’ a source close to the case said.”

Add this to Kathleen Kane’s mission to move forward with the investigation into the Gov’s handling of the Sandusky case, which is basically the reason she was elected, and the Aging White Man’s weekend is basically ruined. Poor guy.

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