A Brief Farewell To 30 Rock, Or: We Did Not Watch Do No Harm

30rockLast night’s series finale of 30 Rock was a thing to behold. It balanced some true emotional moments with the utter silliness and weirdness that had made the show so enjoyable for the last seven seasons. It also avoided many of those series finale cliches that tend to leave a black mark on the show’s run (let;s bring back everyone who was ever on the show, let’s mirror the pilot, etc.). And while just about every site on the internet has eulogized the show in some way or another, we’d just like to say a final farewell.

We’ll miss the show’s random Philly shout-outs, stabs at Comcast … er … Kabletown, and its ability to be a mainstream network sitcom that toys with the idea of immortal characters. There will never be another like you, and if there is, it’ll be cancelled within one season.

Also did anyone out there watch Do No Harm? It’s nuzzled warmly in a spot in our DVR, but we caught one more promo for it during 30 Rock and we just couldn’t bring ourselves to do it.

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  1. steveeboy Says:

    you’d love Do No Harm. Mr Hyde had a coke-fueled model lesbian orgy the first time he came out while Massive Attack played in the background (it was for his birthday)–and Dr. Jeckyl’s apartment is much nicer than teh bathroom at the Barbary. I figured it was a typical night for the likes of J. Sweeney and crew so you’d be all over it…

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