On The Occasion Of His Saving The 2013 Manayunk Bike Race, We Present Bob Brady With This Expertly Rendered Photoshop Tribute


You know, so often, your U.S. Representative for Pennsylvania’s 1st congressional district, Bob Brady, is a totem of what’s wrong with Philly’s Democratic machine and how it has kept this city down through backroom deals and union goonery and the rest of it. But today is not the day to discuss that. Because Brady just seemingly single-handedly just saved Philly’s legendary annual bike race in Manayunk, bringing it back as “The Philly Cycling Classic, a new world-class professional cycling race in Philadelphia in 2013,” to be held on June 2nd. So let us not speak of cronyism or the slow, suffocating rot of Philly’s political establishment. Rather, today, let us Photoshop Brady’s head onto a picture of Lance Armstrong and say, with a hearty pat on the pack: YEAHBUDDY! You did a good thing here. Feels good, don’t it?

  • http://www.facebook.com/joshkruger Josh Kruger

    This image, being burned into my memory, is absolutely unforgivable. It will haunt my dreams for weeks. Thanks, guys.

  • http://TheWorldExists.com/ BradyDale

    Bob Brady: Couldn’t give a rat’s ass about moving legislation, but bends over backwards to make sure NOTHING EVER CHANGES – ESPECIALLY WITH OUTDOOR PARTIES in Philadelphia.