Oh Gene Marks, You Shouldn’t Have. No, You Really Shouldn’t Have.

When history is no longer a mystery, how shall we remember Gene Marks, dickbag president of the Bala Cynwyd’s Marks Group? As the author of “If I Was A Poor Black Kid (But I’m Not So Now I’ll Just Say Some Horribly Offensive Shit To Other White Pricks Like The Editors At PhillyMag Who Will Jack Off All Over This Shit And Reward Me With A Column)?” Or maybe it will be for his penned-in-Bala Want-Dead List Of Philly Businesses, which earned him the groundbreaking title of Royal Cunt here at Philebs (not an honor we hand out lightly). Or, perhaps, it will be strike three, just in over the transom: “Employers Should Be Allowed to Ask Women Job Candidates: “Do You Plan to Get Pregnant?” Perhaps it will do best to note Gene Marks as the author of all of these things. For even in PhillyMag’s current Race To The Bottom with columnists — bested perhaps only by the Inky’s — there should be some sense of conscience.

8 Responses to “Oh Gene Marks, You Shouldn’t Have. No, You Really Shouldn’t Have.”

  1. genemarks Says:

    All I want Joey is an invite to your next awards party – haven’t you figured that out yet?

  2. philebrity Says:

    Eat shit you suburban troll.

  3. vfiorillo Says:

    Finally, someone has taken the heat off of me.

  4. philebrity Says:

    Shouldn’t you be scanning Facebook for faux-incriminating photos posted by members of the artistic community you used to be a part of?

  5. Osama Yo Says:

    post of the year for sure

  6. genemarks Says:

    That’s so mean joey! Especially to your advertisers who attract my suburban troll neighbors to their venues and events.

  7. philebrity Says:

    Bitch PLEASE.

  8. Jordan Says:

    All you want is page hits, we all understand that. What’s sad is that you say so many patently offensive things to get them.

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