Meanwhile, Mark Segal Is Rewarded For Toxic Levels Of Fading Irrelevance With…

… a new column at The Inquirer, where toxic levels of fading irrelevance are continuously rewarded. It’s the only way we can really explain the installation of Segal at the Inky at this precise moment, when drums of doom from all corners seem to be tapping out the SOS for his ouster as The Voice Of The Gays In Philly. It’s oddly fitting that he’d be preserved, St. John Nuemann-style, under plexiglass at the Inky, though, where nothing could penetrate his wall of sound and fury, simply because nothing would want to.

The end of Empire is a curious thing.

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  1. Josh Kruger Says:

    Segal’s dated, dusty concepts of identity politics where you level a grossly unfair charge out of sheer stupidity and/or media manipulation aren’t any longer being accepted the LGBT folks in Philly. The fact remains, however, that, via the Dr. Magnus Hirschfeld Fund, he’s had a quasi-monopoly on state funds being distributed to community organizations, and, as such, has gotten the tacit approval of hard working, and fund-needing, non-profit heads. See my post over at where I looked into the DMH’s financials and didn’t just lob a charge at an easy target. Ahem.

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